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Electric motors

Sell Rotors, statory, brush holders, embers, Bearings and other spare parts electrical AC or DC motors in fork lift trucks, building self-propelled platforms, hydraulic fronts and other mobile technology.

Do you need to demand from the complete data from the electric motor

For example:

Carbons (now 4 pieces) on electric motor 0136501055, 11214255, 3kW Brush holders on electrical motor 0136501055, 11214255, 3kW
BOSCH 0136602009 ELECTRIC MOTOR DRIVE BOSCH 1517220541, ISKRA 27852, Letrika 11214255
Electric motor HALDEX 12MG32THE DELCO REMY 19024729, EFEL36799
TERMINAL an electric motor, TERMINAL BLOCK, Distance bolt 40MM, M8