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Original is in the Czech language.


We supply spare parts engines KOMATSU for example:

4D95L-W-1, 4D95L-1K/1L, 4D95L-1AA/1AA-7/1BB/1CC, 4D95L-1FF/GG/W/BW, 4D95L-E-2A, 4D95S-W-1G-E, 4D95S-1H/1J, 4D95LE-3-65, S4D95L-1A/1B/1G, S4D95L-1K, S4D95LE-3A-2, SAA4D95LE-3A-4A / W, 6D95L-1, 6D95L-1AF-1, SA6D95L-1, S6D95L-1, S6D95L-1MM, S6D95L-1NN/1PP, S4D102E-1, SA4D102E-1AB, SAA4D102E-2B, S6D102E-1AA, S6D102E-1AB & SA6D102E-1AB, SA6D102E-1AA, SA6D102E-1AC, SAA6D102E-2, 4D105-3C, 4D105-5H/5J/5T, 4D105-5H/5T, S4D105-1 & 2, S4D105-3, S4D105-5A/B, 6D105-1, S6D105-1, S6D108-1, SA6D108-1, SAA6D108E-2A, S6D110-1, SA6D110-1, SA6D110-1C/G, SA6D110-1N/P/P-B, S6D114, S6D114-1, SA6D114-1, SAA6D114E-2A-A, SA6D114E-1-GD, SA6D114-1AA, 6D125-1, 6D125E-2, S6D125-1, S6D125E-2, S6D125E-2 & SA6D125E-2, SA6D125-1, SA6D125E-2, SA6D125E-3B-7 & SAA6D125E-3, SA6D125E-3B-7/8 & SAA6D125E-3, SAA6D125E-5A/B/C, 4D130-1 & S4D130-1, S6D140-1, SA6D140E-2 & SAA6D140E-2, SA6D140-1, SA6D140E-3 & SDA6D140E-3, SAA6D140E-5A/B/C, SA12V140-1, SAA12V140-1, SDA12V140-1, SAA12V140ZE-2, S4D155-4, S6D155-4, SA6D155-4, S6D170-1, S6D170E/SA6D170E/SAA6D170E-2, SA6D170-1, SA6D170-A-1T, SAA6D170E-2A, SA6D170E-3A-7 & SAA6D170E-3F-8, SA8V170-1, SA12V170-1, SA12V170E-2A, NH220-C1, N855-1, NTA855-1, NT855-1, N14, L10, LTA10-C, M11, MTA11, K19, QSK19, KT1150-1E, KT2300, VTA1710, SAA6D107E-1, 4D120-11F/G, S4D120-11A/B/D/G, SAA6D170E-5, SAA12V140E-3, SAA4D95LE-5, 2D94-2D, 2D94-2E, 2D94-2F, 2D94-2G, 2D94-2J, 2D94-2N, 4D92-1A, 4D92-1B, SAA4D95LE-6/A/B, SAA6D125E-6, SAA6D114E-5, SAA6D114E-2, SAA6D114E-3, S6D114E-1, SAA4D107E-1, 4D94LE-2, 6D125-1A, 6D125-3C, 3D94-2, 4D94-2, 4D94E-1, 2D94-2

Pistons, rings, vložky válců, connecting rod, valves, Bearings, set of seals, oil pumps, water pumps, injection pumps, distributor, cam, Crankshaft, Heads, blocks, distribution, filters, injections (injectors), starters, Alternators