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SABB – marine engines

These engines deliver all spare parts.

When inquiring parts you are asking about putting the motor model, year and serial number. These data are printed on the label , which is located at the rear of the column starting, or the later models on the valve cover.
The earliest models have labels, where is the year and number along, For example, the number looks like this 69312, year 1969, number 312
Since 1982 date is coded. Here you will find two letters NU or AB (Codeword is CUMBERLAND. NO = 1992, AB = 1984!)
Encoding performance is confusing, because the engines were upgraded over the years. 18HP can make or model 2H
starý model 2G.

FORD-SABB F4.144 54HP, F4.254 68HP, F4.415 85HP, F6.216 80HP, F6.363T 130HP, F6.363TI 150HP, F6.595T 155HP, F6.595TI, F6622 127HP

IVECO-SABB 8041M08-LB, 8061M12-LB

LISTER-SABB L2.093LB - 18HP. L3.139LB - 27HP. L4.186LB - 36HP