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Original is in the Czech language.


We supply spare parts engines PERKINS for example:

1000 SERIES 1004.40 1004.40T 1004.4T 1004.42 1006.6 1006.6T 1006.60 1006.60T 1004.4 1004.4(AA)

2000 SERIES 2220 2300 2206 2206C 2200

400 403C-15 SERIES 403D-15T-22 404C-15 403D 404D 404D-22-22T 404D-22TA-17 403C 404C 403D-22T-17 403C-11 11 403A-403D-15 4000

1100 SERIES 1103A-33 1103A-33T 1103B-33 1103B-33T 1103C-33 1103C-33T 1103C-33TA 1104A-44 1104A-44T 1104A-44TA 1104C-44 1104C-44T 1104C-44TA 1104C-E44 1104C-E44T 1104C-E44TA 1104D -44 1104D-44T 1104D-44TA 1104D-1104D-E44T E44TA 1106 E60TA-1106C-1106C E66TA E66TA 1106D-1103D-33T-E60TA 1103D-33TA-1106C EBOTA 1106a-1106a-70T 1106C-70TA E70TA 1106D-70TA-1106D E70TA

A- SÉRIE A3.152 AD3.152 A3.144 AT3.152.4 A4.203 AD4.203 A4.212 A4.236 AT4.236 A4.248 A4.41 A4.107 A4.192 A4.318 A4.318.2 A6.354 A6 .354.1 A6.354.4 AT6.354.4 AT6.354 AT6.354.1 ATC6.354.1

903 SERIES 903.27 903.27T

1300 SERIES 1300 WP,WR,WS 1300 1300 WK,WL,WM 1300 WH, WJ 1300 WGDF, WGEF,WGFF,WGHF 1300 WG 1300 WD, WE, WF 1300 WB, WC 2800 2800P2 2500 4.212

700 SERIES 704.26 704.30 704.30T

1200 1206E-E66TA SERIES

Pistons, rings, connecting rod, valves, Bearings, set of seals, oil pumps, Engine water temperature sensor, water pumps, injection pumps, distributor, cam, Crankshaft, Heads, blocks, distribution, filtry, žhavíví candles, injections, distributor, candles, starters, Alternators, ignition, LPG